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Since 1999, payman has prided themselves on being pioneers in the payroll processing industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a wealth of expertise to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

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Innovative Infrastructure

We've made significant investments in our back-office infrastructure, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our state-of-the-art technology and robust processes ensure efficiency, accuracy, and scalability to our clients.


Friendly Expert Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in payroll processing and compliance management. With their expertise and dedication, we're able to provide personalised solutions tailored to your specific requirements, delivering results that exceed your expectations.


Transparent & Trustworthy

Transparency and trust are at the core of everything we do. We believe in open communication, honest dealings, and building long-lasting partnerships based on mutual respect and integrity. You can rely on us to always act in your best interests and uphold the highest standards of professionalism.

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Craig Parsons MCIPP

Managing Director

Ollie Bolt

Payroll Manager

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